Mobile app which sends you contextual reminders to nudge healthy weight-loss behavior.


APPME is a mobile messaging application that monitors and collects user data to send reminders at the right time and place to make weight loss easier. APPME also promotes healthy weight loss behavior by nudging the user with social cues and motivational messages.


How might we understand the micro-environment of mid-life adults and nudge them to consume healthy food and become physical activity through a mobile application?

We started with understanding the audience...

To understand the users, their day in the life and their daily routine. We conducted semi-structured interview with 8 participants. Goal was to understand the target audience's routine and so our questions focused on the following areas:

  • Wake up times
  • Snacking patterns
  • Shopping habits
  • Weight loss motivation
  • Frustrations
  • Living alone or with someone
  • Daily routine
  • Health issues if any
  • Smoking or drinking habits, etc.

Once we had the data collected, but went onto the journey to find emerging themes and patterns. Key points extracted from the interviews were segregated into sticky notes to look for patterns and different behaviors.



Similar behaviors and habits were grouped together. Broader categories evolved as we started moving the stickies.

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