You're curious, I like it :)

Kunal Bodke, photo in front of a waterfall. Kunal is posing in a dabbing dance style.

I am Kunal Bodke, based in Mountain View, California.

I care about design, strategy, and accessibility. I have a strong desire to deliver creative solutions through deliberate collaboration with stakeholders so as to make technology accessible to people.

I have been in the design industry for 6+ years and have worked with multiple early-stage startups, non-profits, and enterprise software companies. From an industry standpoint, I have worked in health-tech and edtech companies.

Currently, I am working at a global enterprise software company, OCLC, Inc. Where I am leading the modernization of a legacy platform as well as leading the design system effort with a strong focus on accessibility.

I am a strong advocate for inclusive and accessible design.