Nice to meet you!

I am Kunal, a Product Designer with experience in user experience design and research.

I currently work at Regenstrief, designing patient-facing technology solutions. My work involves collaborating with cross-functional teams, brainstorming, and advocating for the users. 

In the past, I have worked with a beauty-tech startup, NOMI, where I designed a mobile application from concept to launch as a part of my internship. I feel fortunate that I got an opportunity to work hands-on Lean UX methodology and implement it with a team.

At Indiana University, I worked as UX Research Assistant in Dr. Richard J. Holden's Health Innovation Lab (HIL), where I conducted ethnographic studies, usability testing, and created a simplified tablet interface targeted towards low-education senior citizens.

I stay current with design trends and news by following design leaders on Medium, Designer News, InVision blogs. I am also an active member of our local meetup group; Experience Makers and Service Design Network.

Happy to connect or grab a cup of coffee, feel free to reach out to me.