Tables is browser-based touchscreen application that allows collaboration of peers for primarily solving the mathematics problems. Tables aims at breaking the barriers currently faced at the Mathematics Assistance Center by putting it on every student’s tablet or touch screen computers.


Observation and Interview

Identified the problem space by conducting a contextual inquiry at the Mathematics Assistance Center and interviewing the stakeholder. Following issues were identified from the research...


After capturing data, I started sketching out on paper.

Matching existing mental model

  • I sketched the paper prototypes using metaphors to match the existing workflow
  • The existing system allowed a person to solve the problem on the whiteboard and allow others to observe – the application follows similar workflow
  • Students can chat using the chat interface to discuss the problem

Tutor's View

User feedback on sketches

Paper prototypes were tested in the class of graduate students to get initial feedback on the concept and the workflow

After getting feedback on the paper prototypes, I started with the high fidelity designs in Sketch.

Designing the screens

I took the lead to handle the UI design using Sketch since it works well with front-end developer's workflow. Each screen and state were laid out on the separate artboard. After the designs were finalized an interactive prototype was made using the InVision app.


  • Access courses
  • Add new course
  • See profile details

Course Page

  • See overall status of the course
  • Access different tables where peers are collaborating
  • Live status of wait times to get your questions answered

Interactive Prototype Demo

Onboarding Demo

  • A student can sign up if he/she does not have an account
  • Choose courses
  • Access profile and courses

You can find detailed presentation linked here.


Although this project was a part of course. Solving a real-world problem with an interdisciplinary team helped me understand how to work within constraints. It also taught me how to design for tablet-based applications and work with a development team.