SimpliGiv is a website which matches business with non-profits and vice versa to exchange donation items. The CEO/Founder was having trouble converting the users after several advertisements and marketing campaigns

Problem Space:

Users would visit the website, spend less than 30 seconds and then leave. I was tasked with to understand what is the problem and come up with a solution.

Project Timeline: 1 month.

UX Walkthrough

Due to limited time, I started going to the website and conducting a heuristic evaluation and noticing if the website follows current Web UI design trends.

First thing, I noticed was the site homepage was cluttered, did not guide the user to make a decision and could be confusing.

...along with that, the copy can be much clearer and the information presented was out of context.

...also, the pricing information was not relevant on the homepage since user has not been provided value


Look at Google Analytics

I looked at the analytics data. I also added a hotjar plugin to understand the user journey. This allowed me to understand where the user rate is dropping.

With these insights, I decided to start wireframing. I discussed with the stakeholder about my plan and then worked from there.

The redesigned website looked like this.


The redesigned version increased the conversation rate for the business. It also increased the number of users signed up.

Lesson Learned

  • Leverage the technology tools available to us when you do not have access to users.
  • Sometimes some minor fixes and redesigned information architecture can make a big impact.
  • Do not be afraid to try something and fail, it is better than not trying.
  • Keeping things simple is the most difficult part. Remove anything extra which does not stop user from doing his work.